In search Of Tigers

In early September 2016, just as Tasmanian winter ends and spring sets in we set off in search of the elusive Thylacine.  From Dallas Texas it is a 9000 mile non stop flight to Sidney and then on to Hobart Tasmania taking around 21 hrs in total. It was 80 years ago that the last know Thylacine “Benjamin”, left out on a cold night in Hobart zoo died.  The Thylacine story does not end in 1936 as many sightings have continued and still continue today.

When the going gets tough it’s time for a helping hand.

Thylacines have great sight, smell and hearing abilities, an old time bushman who had a captured tassy tiger, said that it could hear a boot on a gravel track from a mile out. With these abilities the chances of bumping into a living breathing animal is very remote. Some bounty hunters, living a lifetime out in the bush and who captured a number of animals, confessed to having never actually seeing them in the wild.

Some of the equipment that we shipped to Tasmania because of todays airline restrictions.


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