The Remote West Coast

Historically the beaches and coastline of Tasmania, frequented by food sources such as paddy melons and wallabies, were a favored  thylacine hunting ground.  Today of course many such areas are frequented by holiday makers from both Tasmania and the Australian mainland.

For a number of years passing lobster fisherman have reported possible thylacine sightings along the remote west coast of Tasmania.  The coastline south of Macquarie harbor, devoid of roads, tracks and infrastructure, remains unchanged and inaccessible. Any land expedition would require considerable resources and time with mountain ranges and impassable rivers just a few of the obstacles to content with.  A population of thylacines could more easily reside in this area and remain undetected and unmolested  by people. Any serious search for the thylacine cannot ignore this area. As part of our return expedition we have now chartered a helicopter and will carryout a dawn patrol, utilizing the latest thermal imaging cameras along this coastal region. Lets hope the weather hold as we approach the tassy winter.


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