Well, all went well with our return trip. We packed a lot of items into our  two week itinerary, probably to much. Not least of which was the collection of the 18 cameras. I can confirm we did collect all 18 cameras.  Of the 18, two it seems had malfunctioned but the rest had worked, many were still working and imaging after the six month period. While there is still a lot of data to process I can say that the average image count of most cameras is approx 300 but two seem to have been in high fauna traffic areas and have many thousands of images and videos.  The two time-lapse cameras deployed have approx 3 months of data to sift through, this is equal to 100,000s of images.

We do have some amazing Tasmanian wildlife images covering all the major marsupials of the region. We have also surprisingly captured images of quite a number of feral domestic cats. So far we have come across one image from the Waratah, Arthur river area that is very unusual. I am consulting with parks and wildlife before I post or comment on it. This camera was in he same region of the intense musk smell we detected on our first visit.

We did indeed charter a helicopter to explore the south west coast and more. I will produce a report on this soon. I also utilized the use of a drone that I brought with me. The weather was uncharacteristically warm and dry for this time of year. Many of the seasonal creeks that were running six months ago were dry and muddy. This enabled the search and success in finding foot prints and more  scat evidence. This trip we drove over 2000 km and hiked many miles, we are battered and bruised, jet lagged but very happy with how it all went.

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